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Berlin - Apartheid on Trial

Datum: Montag, 3. August 2020 08:00

Veranstaltungsort: Berlin - Moabit Criminal Court, Turmstraße 91, 10559 Berlin

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In our previous trial, in March 2019, the state prosecutor scolded us for “opening a tribunal against Israel”. We agree with the prosecution, this is exactly what we are planning to do!

You are invited to join us in court as well as participate in a people’s tribunal outside the courthouse, where we will take turns in leveling the accusations against the criminal State of Israel.

You are encouraged to prepare a short statement against Israel ahead of time and bring it along.

During the trial, we will summon MK Aliza Lavie to testify for her criminal activity in 2014.

“You are opening a tribunal against Israel” (State Prosecutor, 11 March 2019)

Please note: There may be a limited capacity inside the courtroom due to COVID-19 considerations.


People’s tribunal and the trial   

>>> Trial Update: Confronting Apartheid in Berlin’s Criminal Court <<<


Monday, 3 August 2020 People’s tribunal — 8AM Trial — 9AM Where? Moabit Criminal Court, Turmstraße 91, 10559 Berlin



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  • Montag, 3. August 2020 08:00


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Befreiung aller Palästinensischer Kinder in Gefängnissen der Israelischen Besatzungsmacht

Am 20.11.2019 mit 6389 Unterschriften eingereicht an Bundesrat Cassis.


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Gaza Kriegsverbrechen gehören vor Gericht!

wurde am 18. Juni 2019 mit 4'400 Unterschriften eingereicht.


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