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Les prochaines manifestations

Sa. 20. Oct.

Genève               Soirée de soutien au PFC’E

Volketswil           Herbstfest des Palästinensischern Kulturvereins Schweiz

Ma. 23. Oct.

Bâle                     VisuLab: Film  Ghosthunting / Raed Andoni

Je. 25. Oct.

Berne                   Shawan Jabarin Al-Haq

Di. 28. Oct.

Zürich                  Café Palestine - Film Heimat am Rande von Wisam Zureik

Lu. 29. Oct.

Bern                     Café Palestine - Kindheit unter Besatzung – Palästinas vergessene Kinder

Ma. 30. Oct.

Lausanne              Film: Et Israël fut...

Basel                     VisuLab: The Great Book Robbery 

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Polluted Water Leading Cause of Child Mortality in Gaza, Study Finds

With 43 Olympic swimming pools worth of sewage water flowing from Gaza toward Israel and Egypt daily, researchers say local epidemic is only a matter of time

source:     >>> pdf of full report 

Gaza water crisis

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